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The Thames Path National Trail  is around 180 miles from the source near Kemble in Gloucestershire to the mouth. This "mouth" was originally defined as the Thames Barrier but this has now been extended.

Living, as we do, in south west London, the lower reaches of the river were easy to get to for a single day of walking. As we progressed further from the river's mouth (perversely, we were walking in the opposite direction to the river's flow), we took long weekends to complete three or four stages in one go. We stayed at some nice (and not so nice) pubs and hotels.

Start and End Towns Distance(miles) Date Accommodation
(NB our star ratings are very subjective
and date from 2006-7)
Overnight Stages      
1. Source to Cricklade 14
1/04/2007 White Hart
2. Cricklade to Lechlade 11 31/03/2007 New Inn Hotel
3. Lechlade to Tadpole Bridge 10 30/03/2007 Trout Inn, Tadpole Bridge****
4. Tadpole Bridge to Swinford 15 29/03/2007  
5. Swinford to Oxford 7 20/08/2006  
6. Oxford to Abingdon 12 8/05/2006 Upper Reaches Hotel**
7. Abingdon to Wallingford 11 7/05/2006 George Hotel**
8. Wallingford to Goring 7 6/05/2006  
9. Goring to Reading 11 29/04/2006  
10.Reading to Henley 9 24/04/2006 Milsoms Hotel, Henley***
11.Henley to Marlow 9 23/04/2006 Crowne Plaza, Marlow***
12.Marlow to Maidenhead 7 22/4/2006  
Single Day Stages      
13. Maidenhead to Windsor 7 2/04/2006  
14. Windsor to Staines 8    
15. Staines to Walton 6 9/01/2006  
16. Walton to Teddington 11    
17. Teddington to Kew 7    
18. Kew to Putney 6    
19. Putney to Vauxhall 7 2/01/2006  
20. Vauxhall to Tower Bridge 4    
21. Tower Bridge to Greenwich 6 15/01/2006  
22. Greenwich to Thames Barrier 4 18/02/2006  
Total 189 miles      

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