Cooking - experiments using stored heat to cook using less energy - demonstration of how to make a thermal cooker in a coolbox


Conversion - gas units to kWh


Degree days

Draughts - using a fan and precision barometer to check for draughts

Energy consumption - chargers, standby, power supplies (e.g. digital radios)

Energy consumption - measuring and quantifying

Energy saving - improvements to energy efficiency - heating, lighting, ventilation, kitchen appliances, water heating, standby

Gadgets - plug in mains power and energy monitor, electricity monitor, infrared thermometer

Heat recovery extractor fans

Heating controls - getting the best out of heating controls.

Insulation - walls, floors, doors, windows, roofs

Kitchen appliances

Payback calculations

Recycling and waste - totals for a year

Smart meters -  whole house monitors and plug-in monitors to check individual gadgets

Solar - solar photovoltaics and solar thermal for water heating


Thermal camera - to identify heat loss

Victorian terrace 

Waste and recycling - totals for a year

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