2005 - 2009

contributing to 60% reduction in gas and electricity consumption


Insulation of new roof with Tri-Iso Super 9 (equivalent to 200mm mineral wool)


Cavity wall insulation of ground floor kitchen extension


Insulation to flat roof of kitchen extension (100mm insulation slab and vapour barrier)


Internal insulation of wall under bay window


Double glazed window over front door (approx)


Insulating strips for around doors, insulation foil for front and back doors and behind radiators, polystrene for loft hatch (approx)




Energy saving equipment and technology

Room and radiator thermostats (approx)


Savaplug to freezer


Worcester Bosch 12kW Greenstar 12i Series condensing boiler and heating works


Viessmann Vitosol 200 D20 solar water system and new water tank


Building external structure for water tank as no space indoors


Heat exchange fan for bathroom - £249 plus installation of approx £260





Thermal blinds to most windows


Lined curtains and thermal linings for external walls




Solar panels (PV) - 2005 - now producing slightly more electricity than we use over the year

Photovoltaic cells (solar panels) (total £9408 of which £4256 covered by ClearSkies grant)



Under floor insulation of ground floor (90mm Celotex, 5 days labour, and replacing floorboards)


Moving 2 radiators from outside walls (inc new radiators £300)


Heat exchange fan for kitchen £249 (installation as part of total re-wiring)


30mm Aerogel insulation (5 sheets costing £1200) to inner surface of bathroom, bedroom and landing walls (plus 2-3 days labour to fit approx £300)





Spending on energy saving improvements