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Low Carbon Living

In the UK, average energy use results in the generation of the equivalent of 12.5 tonnes of CO2 per person per year (Chris Goodall)*

Around half of this is the result of domestic energy and personal transport (including international air travel) and is therefore relatively easy for individuals to monitor and reduce.

So far, we've reduced our 2 person household total for domestic energy and personal transport to 4 tonnes (2 tonnes per person) and we hope to get it below a more sustainable 3 tonnes (1.5 tonnes per person). What's more, we haven't had to make any major lifestyle sacrifices!

The other half covers food, leisure, goods purchased, workplace and infrastructure. This is hard to measure and we haven't done much yet to tackle our share.

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UK averages and how to calculate your carbon footprint:

* "If we are to have any hope of meeting our obligations to others on this planet, as well as to unborn generations, we need to slash today's unsustainable and dangerous 12.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per person, bringing it down to no more than 3 tonnes each." - Chris Goodall