Energy Questionnaire

You might be able to save some energy by following the tips below.

Tick the following boxes if they apply to you:-

Part 1 Behaviour Tick here
Do you boil only the water you need rather than filling the kettle?
Do you turn off lights in unoccupied rooms?
Do you close your curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping?
Do you turn off at the mains rather than leaving in standby?
Do you wait for a full load before running washing machine/dishwasher?
Is your hot water thermostat set at 60°C or less?
Is your heating system serviced regularly or in last 12 months?
Do you know your annual energy consumption?
In cold weather do you put on extra layers?
Do you have an electronic thermostat?

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Part 2 is about Appliances and Your Home
What percentage of your lights are low energy?                             
Do you know the energy rating of fridge & freezer?                         
Do you know the energy rating of your washing machine?             
What about your boiler rating?                         
Are your outside doors draught-sealed?                         
Do you have any unblocked chimneys?                         

out of 28

Part 3 is about your home and its construction
How thick is the insulation in your loft (in miilimetres)?           
What % of the outside walls have cavity insulation?            
Are the windows double glazed (all or part)?             
What % of the ground floor area is insulated?                         
Do you have a water butt?                         
Any renewables installed e.g. solar water, PV panels?        

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